The difference, the exception, and the rule.

Running a business is hard. Knowing when to step outside the box, break the rules, or set the standard can be key. The better the analysis, the better the outcome. That's what we're here to provide.

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I build, brand, and better things. I also find, fix, and figure things out. I do a lot of "things," but mostly, I'm a master problem solver, speaker, consultant, and monsterprenuer. I help organizations and people conquer whatever is keeping them from maximum potential, efficiency, impact and profit. Whether you're looking to start, grow, or enhance your current venture, no one gives a better 360 view.

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It’s not always about what you know, it’s often about what you don’t - and that can lead to very unfortunate circumstances. That’s where we shine. Providing you with options to make the best choices for your business. We're exceptional when it comes to seeing a problem from multiple angles and presenting different pathways.


While we've got all the traditional methods to help you make your mark, we love getting the opportunity to share our greatest ideas. We embrace our maverick moments, and love a client who appreciates the journey.


We're not hung up on what people claim to be "the industry standard." While we love consistency and cohesion, we're always seeking new techniques to improve an organization. Times change and people should and do too. We can adjust, whether for an industry, project or time, in order to progress and hit your objectives.

A little peek into our process and flow...

Listen & Learn
We want to hear what you have to say. Strengths, challenges, expectations, goals. What's worked in the past, what hasn’t. We can’t work if we can’t listen, so we want to make sure we hear you loud and clear.
Who are your people?
Successful operations are based on many factors, but the primary one is people. People matter. We get to know your people and the presence your company has to give us the keys to unlocking the initial door to success.
the process
From there, we examine your processes. Evaluating all the cogs in your wheel of business to see how each piece affects one another and assessing how decision making flows throughout your organization.
After reviewing your business model, financials, markets and a ton of research, we’ll be able to provide a full picture of your company’s inner workings, where it stands and where shortcomings may exist.
do it to it. the hard stuff.
Analysis, recommendations and strategy. This is where it’s time to take some action. You’ve got the insight, now it’s time to make a choice. What will you do next?
TIME TO Execute
You’ve decided on the cards you want to play, so now we’ll help you put your plan into practice.
How you'll know
Get a little ME time. Measure and Evaluate what we’ve done. Find out where to make changes and how we're hitting your objectives. Make a record.

HINS & Co. is there when you need somebody, but not just anybody.

There is power in diversity of skill sets. Your business is unique. Your approach should be too. Not everyone gets your plight or your goals. The tiny details matter. We make it a point to know who you are, what you represent and the mark you're trying to make. Our strength is in our research, adaptability and dynamism.

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