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I launched HINS & Co. to provide unmatched strategic insights that were broken down so comprehensively for businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs they'd have to be crazy to lose.

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A very rare breed of consultant

Thanks to three colleges, an insatiable quest for wisdom, and a sprinkle of ADHD-induced serendipity, I've become the 'do as I've done' consultant. In a world where advice often precedes experience, I offer a refreshing contrast—I not only proffer guidance but can proficiently execute it, endowing clients with an all-encompassing vantage point.

Consider this: Imagine the chef who not only crafts delectable dishes but also cultivates the ingredients, designs the restaurant, orchestrates the ambiance, welcomes patrons, and manages the books—all with consummate finesse. That, my friend, is the caliber of expertise I bring to the table. So I hope you're hungry for a win.


I am a driven and ambitious wife and mother, balancing the many roles life offers. My favorite indulgences include savoring delicious meals, cherishing moments of restful reprieve, and indulging my creative spirit. My journey began under the radiant California sun, where I laid the foundation for my business. Currently, my husband Joseph and I divide our time between Southern California and our present humble abode in Colorado.

Professionally, I wear several hats. I proudly serve as the CEO of ALL MAVEN Enterprise and Principal at Additionally, I hold leadership roles as the Director of Startup Grind Colorado Springs, Director of Startup Grind Carlsbad, and Vice Chair of the Executive Board for the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. One could say I thrive on keeping myself occupied.

I can be characterized by a multitude of labels: Lover of faith, devoted Mother, Intellectual Creative, Tech Enthusiast, and the list goes on, with fresh additions always in the making. As a 'monsterprenuer,' my current mission involves raising capital for a diverse set of businesses. I specialize in representing clients who relish the opportunity to disrupt their respective industries.

Looking for your next speaker, host, or guest? I'd love to captivate your audience.

When it comes to forging connections, whether as a captivating host, an engaging guest speaker, or the star of the show, I delight in leaving audiences with indelible memories. Here's a glimpse of some crowd-pleasing topics I've artfully explored, gracing an array of illustrious settings, including esteemed Chambers, Exclusive Private Organizations, Prestigious Conferences, and high-impact SCORE events.

Oh, and did I mention my penchant for delving into the world of podcasting as well? If the idea of having me take the spotlight or the microphone at your event tickles your fancy, simply extend a line to our office. While these topics represent some well-loved classics, I'm always up for the delightful challenge of crafting a tailored talk that perfectly suits any discerning audience.

Business is a canvas of diverse experiences painted with the broadest strokes. I began my journey from humble origins, crafting my enterprise from scratch at home, armed with a borrowed computer. Over the years, I've nurtured its growth, expanding its reach across two states. My mission: empowering business owners to achieve their goals and bolster their revenue. I've donned multiple hats, from teaching branding, marketing, and design to offering consultancy and delivering compelling speeches. Success has been a steadfast companion on my path, even when the odds seemed stacked. I've imparted wisdom and guidance at Chambers, Corporations, Community Events, SCORE, and various other platforms, ensuring a legacy of knowledge for those who walk both before and after me.
As a millennial black woman, my life's tapestry is rich with experiences that resonate across diverse audiences. From engaging with youth to addressing women's issues, my unique background enables me to connect with a wide array of groups. Whether delving into themes of family, career, interracial relationships, or the intricate balance among them, my aim is to weave a narrative that inspires individuals to think, act, and elevate themselves.
Family stands as my anchor, an unwavering force in my life. Yet, nurturing a resilient and thriving family unit is far from a straightforward endeavor. My journey is adorned with abundant blessings, but it is not without its share of trials. As a black woman, married to a white man, navigating the complexities of raising an autistic child and two small children within a blended family, all while managing a flourishing business, my life unfolds amidst a tapestry of distinct circumstances, challenges, triumphs, and thought-provoking experiences.
Faith is the cornerstone of my existence, the foundation upon which I gratefully acknowledge the gifts, blessings, and opportunities that have graced my path. Although I've been a lifelong believer, my faith journey truly embarked when I welcomed my son James into the world, with my most profound 'coming to Jesus moments' transpiring at the age of 30. My life bears witness to how divine providence tests, nurtures, enriches, and steers us toward the fulfillment of our genuine calling. Faith intricately intertwines with every facet of my life, infusing purpose into my work, family, relationships, and serving as the steadfast force that has enabled me to craft a life of profound significance.
“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." - Matthew 19:26
While society often shies away from the critical discourse surrounding mental health, I have boldly placed this topic at the forefront of my life's mission. As a thriving business owner managing ADHD and a devoted mother to an Autistic child, I derive immense satisfaction from engaging in dialogues that others impacted by mental health concerns may perceive as lingering in the shadows. My aspiration is twofold: to foster heightened awareness within our communities and to wage an unwavering battle against the pervasive stigma that cloaks these issues. By addressing challenges, sharing personal experiences, and extending a supportive hand, I aim to empower individuals to embrace life to the fullest.
I'm a tech enthusiast with a particular passion for SaaS. Whether it's identifying the best tools or optimizing remote work experiences, I offer a wealth of tech insights. My previous role as the Carlsbad Chamber Technology Advisory Committee Chair, along with my weekly reviews of SaaS products, keeps me on the cutting edge.
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As the nation reckons with racial issues across the board, I shared my views, experiences and insights as panelist on the Black Business Experience, hosted by Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. As many look for answers in navigating this landscape, informative and thoughtful conversations are needed.