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"Whether you are just starting out, or an established company looking to re-brand and elevate, Alex can get you to where you want to be. Hardworking and dedicated to the needs of her clients."

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New & Growing Business

Eliminate the need for intricate maneuvering to reach your desired business objectives


For innovative and efficacious approaches to augment your earnings and improve profitability


When you require a compelling message and unique experience to disseminate to the world

Saas & Operations

When cost-saving, heightened performance, and workflow enhancements are requisite.

Digital Presence

For those endeavoring to enact a profound influence within the turbulent digital sphere.

Human Capital & DEI

We are adept at aiding in the recruitment, retention, assessment, and revitalization of your team.

Top Tech to Make Your Digital Presence Supreme

I cannot underscore my ardent affection for software and technology. If your quest involves discerning the optimal tools for your ventures, you have indeed arrived at an auspicious juncture my friend. My immersion in the realm of Software as a Service (SaaS) is unwavering, as I diligently explore tools on a weekly basis. Rest assured, there is no software so complex that it eludes my grasp. In the multifaceted landscape of online presence optimization, I've observed that businesses often overlook three pivotal facets:

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Ensure seamless functionality of your website, both in its user-facing and technical facets, through our in-depth assessment of SEO, security, and compliance.

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Is your website accessible? We can assist in bridging any gaps and implementing the necessary technology to provide all users with an exceptional web experience.

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A remarkable digital presence entails more than an exceptional website. Learn how to make your digital presence POP from optimized listings to social media

At the end of the day, we just fix problems.
If we can't, you can always fall back on our work for free guarantee

We pride ourselves on being able to solve the smallest of issues to the most complex of situations. If you're not fully satisfied with the results we said we'd deliver, and you've done the work you're supposed to do, we'll work for free until you get what you were promised.

Yup, i could use some help

Seeking a more flexible engagement within a specified budget? Explore a monthly consulting plan.

Grappling with a modicum of uncertainty or do you just require a mere snippet of elucidation? Whatever the case, our suite of consulting offerings is expressly designed to accommodate your inclinations, allowing you to immerse yourself in the depths of inquiry precisely as far as you deem suitable—no need to engage in metaphorical "shark-infested waters," unless your disposition inclines you otherwise. One email or 10 minute phone call could save you thousands (literally). No commitment. Cancel anytime.

also keep in mind...

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All plans include unlimited email communication and video responses
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Strategy/Coaching Calls are 35 mins via Phone or Video Conference (your choice)
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Discount applies to standard services and excludes physical products
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Perfect for avoiding basic blow ups and streamlined advice
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Unlimited Emails + Video Responses
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5% off additional services
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When you just need a bit more strategy on your path
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Unlimited Emails + Video Responses
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Monthly Strategy/Coaching Call
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10% off additional services
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Great when you need consistent strategic oversight
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Bi Weekly Strategy/Coaching Calls
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15% off additional services
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Those who are looking for strategic growth
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Unlimited Emails + Video Responses
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Weekly Strategy/Coaching Calls
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One Hour Strategy Session
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20% off additional services
Call for Details
We understand that you may desire a plan more tailored for your needs. We'll be more than happy to speak with you about adjusting to meet your custom standards. Whether that means working with additional team members or departments, regular audits and or analysis, or something else particular to your organization, we can help.


There are a number of valuable workshops that we offer. You can find me teaching at Chambers, Corporate Offices, SCORE, and many other places. While we offer a very long list of workshops, some of our favorite repeat workshops are listed below. You can attend a workshop as they come up on the calendar, through one of our strategic partners, or you can schedule a workshop for you and your team to participate. Reach out to us for a current list of workshops that are being offered for the year. Workshops can be virtual or in person depending on location.

*Are you a Chamber or business style organization looking to offer a workshop to your audience? Send an email to partner@hinsandco.com to access special rates and request a full list of course offerings, with over 2 dozen workshops and more added regularly.


This workshop is best for those who are looking to start a business. We'll cover everything from viability, incorporation and naming, to the tools and resources needed to get your business off the ground. This workshop is not about theory, it's about practice. Attendees will leave this workshop ready to incorporate, strategize, and make the next move for their business venture. We'll also cover all the pitfalls and things to look out for, so you can keep your business debt free and open. You'll get everything you need to know about starting a business, but also everything that could totally backfire and blow up in your face to avoid. Powerful.

This workshop is 4 hours long - contact us to find out when our next workshop takes place


Despite the evolution of marketing over the years, email is still one of the most effective ways to grow your business when you incorporate a thoughtful digital strategy, master the fundamentals and create content your followers enjoy. In this workshop you will learn:

• How to create an email strategy
• Selecting the proper email marketing tools
• Crafting a well designed email that gets opened
• The vast number of ways to grow your email list

Whether you're just beginning or experienced, this workshop is updated almost every time it's taught with new insights and data to maximize your email marketing journey.

This workshop is 2 hours long - contact us to find out when our next workshop takes place


Everyone can and should be selling online. This workshop covers the how, why, and steps to make that happen. This power packed 90 minutes will blow your mind and provide the direction you need to get started in online selling. Whether its eCommerce, monetizing a blog, or setting up an online store, this workshop will cover all that and then some.

This workshop is 2 hours long - contact us to find out when our next workshop takes place


Google for Business is a powerful and severely under utilized asset to several organizations. From being found online to creating a powerful listing packed with 5-star reviews, you're missing the mark when not taking advantage little piece of digital heaven. This workshop covers not only how to establish a Google for Business page, but all the properties involved, new settings, creating a stellar listing and making the most of the features.

This workshop is 3 hours long - contact us to find out when our next workshop takes place

Whether you need something once, twice, thrice, or ongoing, we've got you covered.

While we offer a range consulting packages, if you prefer hourly, feel free to contact us for our hourly rates and retainers. We also offer strategy sessions, event consultations and more. If you just need to book a session, feel free to do so :)

*Also, don't forget to ask about special discounts for our affiliated partners, members, and associations

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