Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Whether it's building an inclusive team, reaching diverse audiences or just knowing how to react to what's in play, your next move could be the difference in getting commended or cancelled. What will you be known for?


DEI? Yeah, it's kinda complicated.

Each day, organizations find themselves grappling with the imperatives of diversifying their teams, resonating with diverse markets, and engaging in consequential dialogues. Despite the well-intentioned endeavors of many, a considerable number of these initiatives culminate in resounding missteps, often rendering businesses stigmatized as performative, insensible, and the subject of trending social media hashtags. It's not a clear playing field and missteps are as common as a cold when DEI means different things to different people. Here's where we can help:

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Expand your products, services or messaging to effectively appeal to various groups while staying aligned with your goals.

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Get help attracting diverse talent and building a company culture that keeps that talent and your business thriving.

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You don't have to do something cookie cutter. Craft your own projects with us that meet the needs of you and your stakeholders.

Who do you design for?

Making accessibility the standard - not the option

When the world of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) unfolds before us, the gaze frequently gravitates toward the realms of race and gender. Yet, inclusivity, in its true essence, extends beyond mere aesthetics; it delves into the intricacies of existence. Consider this: 20% of the people in the world have a disability, impairment, or are handi-capable. Whatever label you apply, ensuring those with visible and invisible differences are included in your physical and digital space is key (and the law). Learn more about making your brand more accessible, offline and online through our Accessibility consulting and digital services.


A safe place to ask ALL your questions in a judgement free zone.

What's going on in the culture can be a difficult thing to to talk about and for some, incredibly embarrassing. While everyone has a line, this is a place of learning, grace and worry free collaboration that won't have you walking on eggshells waiting for the next offense. We're equipped to offer customized offerings and services that meet your specific needs :)


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Making accessibility the standard - not the option

When we think DEI, we often focus on race and gender. But inclusivity isn't just about what we look like, it's about the life we live. Accessibility is often the last slice of pizza left in the box that no one cares to take a bite out of whether offline or online. However, 20% of the people in the world have a disability, impairment, or are handi-capable. Whatever label you apply, ensuring those with visible and invisible differences are included in your physical and digital space is key (and the law). Learn more about making your brand more accessible, offline and online through our Accessibility consulting and digital services.

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Feeling lost? You're not alone.

Learn when to jump in, step back, take a stand or take a seat when it comes to engaging in culture wars, activism, inclusivity and more that's aligned with your goals, beliefs and values.

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Sometimes, it's not the thought that really counts.

Welcome to a time where people can clap back. The wrong event, campaign, or marketing message can send you spiraling down quickly, cost you thousands and even end you up in court. This is NOT the viral you're looking for...

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Just because it's trending, doesn't always make it right.

Not everything that's popular is on the "right side of history." While you don't have to feel pressured to engage, getting a pulse on your surroundings can help you avoid major pitfalls. Trending isn't everything.



I've spent many years talking about diversity to leaders and organizations. While many have focused on training and workshops to help build more diverse and inclusive environments, I think it's vital to work on the heart aspect of the equation. Though it's a tough nut to crack, it's the seed you plant that has long term value. I've always had a diverse team because diversity comes naturally, and my strategies reflect that within my own organizations. While building an environment that fosters diversity, equity and inclusion is a key priority for many organizations, my overall larger goal is to get individuals to see what I see. To look below the surface and question how they draw up on the knowledge and conclusions they have about the culture and information they receive. Once we employ critical thinking in our everyday lives around DEI, you'll find that building a company that shines in this arena becomes easier.

Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

Available for panels and speaking engagements.

As the nation reckons with racial issues across the board, I shared my views, experiences and insights as panelist on the Black Business Experience, hosted by Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. As many look for answers in navigating this landscape, informative and thoughtful conversations are needed.

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I partnered with Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC as the Events Task Force Lead and designed a campaign where the Diversity in the Workplace Committee worked to create 28 one minute videos released on the 28th day of Black History Month. It was an amazing and impactful endeavor that highlighted local black leaders and community members doing phenomenal work and sharing their experiences.



Whether you're a business owner, team member, or just an individual looking to engage, register yourself or your organization for one of our virtual events and get access to commentary and insight for powerful discussions.

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Participate in an eye opening discussion and workshop designed for those who wish to understand, address and learn how to combat racism in an effective and impactful way.


offense not taken


A candid, safe and interactive forum for people to ask and get answers to those burning and difficult questions that don't get addressed for fear of someone jumping down your throat.




Join me, Alexandra Renee Poelstra, THE MAVEN of ALL MAVEN,  as I share my personal experience with race, identity, and growing up in white spaces that created, changed, and challenged my views of today.



Why should I look at Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for my organization?

In its essence, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) boils down to a fundamental concern for humanity. We inhabit a diverse world, woven with intricate backgrounds and unique narratives, each deserving of recognition and acknowledgment. When you elevate DEI as a cornerstone of your organization, you are unequivocally declaring the significance of people. It signifies your commitment to shaping a workplace and a world that values and amplifies every individual, serving as a beacon for those in your sphere.

By actively engaging in DEI initiatives, you not only cultivate opportunities for personal growth among individuals but also sow the seeds of progress for your organization and the broader community. From a quantitative perspective, DEI catalyzes heightened creativity within workplaces, empowers high-performing employees, and augments profitability.

Where do I get started with DEI?

Commencing the journey toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) can indeed appear as a formidable task, especially considering that various departments within an organization may harbor diverse aspirations in this realm. The pivotal ignition of DEI primarily emanates from leadership's willingness to invest time, resources, and effort into DEI initiatives. An indispensable component of this journey involves soliciting feedback from stakeholders, employees, and consumers, serving as a compass to steer and refine the DEI trajectory.

Furthermore, organizations should diligently gauge their position in the DEI landscape, both qualitatively and quantitatively. For those embarking on this path with a sense of trepidation, our Diversity Talk offers an ideal entry point, delivering a potent and transformative experience for you and your team.

Who are your DEI Services designed for?

While our workshops and presentations cater to both individuals and groups, our DEI services are meticulously crafted to tackle the realm of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the corporate sphere. Whether your organization comprises a modest team of 5 or a sprawling workforce of 500, our profound insights are poised to nurture a culture of well-being, professionalism, and enhanced revenue within your esteemed organization.

What do I do if my company doesn't want to participate in DEI initiatives?

If your organization hasn't accorded due prominence to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), the prospects for transformative change may remain elusive. DEI must ascend to a position of paramount importance within the purview of organizational leadership, subsequently permeating the entire fabric of the enterprise. While the impetus for DEI implementation often originates at the upper echelons, every individual within the organization holds the potential to be a catalyst for change.

You can seize the initiative by advocating DEI investment to leadership or executives, and as an individual, you can actively engage with our workshops and presentations. Beyond the confines of business-centric approaches, our community talks and workshops serve as valuable conduits for participating in vital conversations and contributing to meaningful solutions.

How do you measure DEI?

Assessing the efficacy of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) necessitates a multifaceted perspective, one that scrutinizes an array of critical dimensions. Among the measurable facets are an organization's demographic composition, spanning its workforce, leadership, and consumer base. Furthermore, gauging sentiment encompasses diverse methodologies, including surveys and feedback mechanisms.

In addition, we can delve into metrics such as generated opportunities, campaign outcomes, and revenue augmentation. It is imperative that each organization undertakes a profound introspection, clarifying its authentic objectives. DEI initiatives should never be relegated to mere token compliance or superficial checkmarks; instead, they should be intrinsically aligned with an organization's core mission and values.

How do we attract diverse talent?

Recruiting top-tier talent presents its own set of formidable challenges, and the task of ensuring that your recruits mirror your organizational values demands strategic finesse. Our DEI Planning Workshop is meticulously engineered to fulfill this imperative—equipping organizations with an arsenal of tools, resources, and methodologies tailored for the implementation of equitable hiring practices. These practices not only attract a diverse array of talent but also fuel the wholesome growth of your company.

Frequently, there exists uncertainty or misconceptions around the intricacies of effective recruitment, with some believing that they lack access to a sufficiently diverse talent pool within their industry or demographic. Our offering imparts actionable insights that can catalyze meaningful progress along your DEI journey, propelling your organization forward.

How do we add diversity to our board?

Elevating the inclusivity of your board of directors necessitates an initial introspection: 'What is our strategic roadmap for recruitment?' The notion that a lack of suitable candidates exists is often rooted more in perception than actuality. We stand poised to collaborate with you in crafting practices that facilitate outreach to underrepresented groups for your board.

Empirical evidence, studies, and research affirm that diversified boards engender enhanced working environments, practices, opportunities, and ultimately, greater profitability.

How much do DEI efforts cost an organization?

Calculating the comprehensive cost of pursuing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) aligns closely with your overarching objectives and aspirations. Our suite of offerings is thoughtfully designed to remain cost-effective, catering to the means of a diverse spectrum of organizations, all while effecting profound and meaningful change. We extend our collaboration to individuals and entities of varying scales, spanning from insightful talks to immersive workshops and strategic planning sessions.

For a detailed breakdown of pricing, it is conveniently provided alongside each service, except in the case of larger organizations. If your organization boasts 75 employees/members or more, we encourage you to reach out to our office for a bespoke and impactful consultation, tailored to your unique needs.

Do you offer nonprofit/education pricing and or discounts?

Certainly! We hold a special affinity for education and nonprofit organizations, recognizing their profound impact on our community. We are keen to collaborate with you and assess the unique requirements of your organization, identifying the spectrum of complimentary and cost-effective services at our disposal. Your mission is valued, and we eagerly await the opportunity to contribute to your noble endeavors. Thank you!