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What's in a Name? How to Craft the Perfect Name for Your Business

Tue. May 16 @10:00am PT / 11:00am MT

Naming can be a challenging task that can boost or bump your business. In this course, we'll help you craft the perfect name for your business, while also helping you snag domains, social handles and more so you can see it all the way through.

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About this Workshop

This workshop is all about kicking butt and MAKING names :-D. We'll show you the process for developing the perfect name that fits your business and your brand. We'll also walk you through getting the domains and social handles for your brand, the process for copyright and trademark checking, and key elements to pay attention to when it comes to naming. This course is designed to be fun and creative and leave you with a name that make you go WOW!

This workshop is designed for...

Anyone who wants to name their business, organization or project something awesome that sticks out and makes sense for their brand

What You'll Learn...

  • How to craft a perfect name for your business
  • Ensuring your name can stand the test of time
  • Working your name into an appropriate logo
  • Checking against copyright and trademarks for names

you'll benefit from this workshop by...

  • Green Checkmark

    Getting an awesome name that brings value to your business

  • Green Checkmark

    Avoiding naming something that's already taken or established

  • Green Checkmark

    Setting your business up for success with a name that matches the brand

Photo of Alexandra Renee Poelstra
I have loved EVERY name I have ever come up with and they've all stood the test of time.

Naming a business is one of my passions and I've loved every name I have come up with over time. I've named everything from products to motels, startups and more. It requires a lot of thought and a good process but good names are completely worth it to create a unique and interesting brand. All of it makes a difference. Don't make a name an afterthought. It's an important part of your brand.

THE maven

ALL MAVEN Enterprise

Names can make or break a business. Get the right one that we'll be talking about later in this course.

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