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The True Cost Of A Website: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

THU. APRIL 20 @ 1:00PM PT / 2:00PM MT

Need a website, but unsure about what you get for what price? In this live online course, you'll get the insider secrets, cost breakdowns, and shopper's guide to getting the most bang for your buck on a website that works for you.

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About this Workshop

Everyone's asking for a price, but no one seems to know the answer and why.

That stops now. In this informative online course, we'll thoroughly break down each aspect of a website, all the costs involved, what you can actually get for your $$$ (and why), while making every penny count. In 2 hours, you'll learn to avoid shady deals, designers and disappointment while staying on budget and get everything you need for your website.

This workshop is designed for...

  • Anyone and everyone shopping for a website now or in the future for their business, organization, brand or project

What You'll Learn...

In this interactive 2-hour course, we'll drop powerful knowledge in your noggin:

  • The true cost and real value of a website, and what makes a great one
  • What you need to consider BEFORE you start getting quotes
  • How websites are actually built and why they cost what they do
  • Discovering what you actually want from your website (and getting it)
  • The pros, cons, and myths behind DIY, WYSIWYG, and free websites
  • What type of website you get, for what price, from whom, and where
  • Every important question you need to ask before signing a contract
  • Avoiding scope creep, sneak up costs, and shady designers
  • Picking the right designer or agency to build your website

you'll benefit from this workshop by...

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    Getting every detail about the buying process in an easily digestible format instead of searching Google for hours

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    Avoiding getting ripped off and left with a website that doesn't fit their needs

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    Knowing what to spend where and when with a tight or very tight budget

Photo of Alexandra Renee Poelstra
You simply can't afford NOT to do this research if you're going to buy a website. It will cost you.

You've probably heard that a website is an investment, but the majority of people fail to treat it that way. We've watched people who could've avoided draining their bank account by taking 5 minutes out to get the right insight. If you show up prepared, you're less likely to have buyer's remorse and get the website you really want.

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